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Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society


Founded in 2006, the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society is a non-government organisation established to help members of the village of Pusu-Namogo, particularly the more vulnerable women, children and elderly, to rise out of poverty.

Fundamentally, the cooperative is for women who want to work to improve quality of life for themselves and their family. In Bolgatanga, unemployment is a critical issue together with low literacy rates and poor access to health services that are stretched beyond available resources by high incidence diseases such as malaria, kwashiorkor and beriberi.

Upon joining the cooperative, women can earn an income by collecting, processing and selling shea nuts and shea butter. The majority of this work occurs during harvest time, from June to October. The Akoma facility is capable of producing around eight tonnes of shea butter a day and has the storage capacity for approximately 12,000 bags of shea nuts.

To guarantee the women an income all year the Akoma cooperative is diversifying into other crafts and skills, including dressmaking, soap making and cocoa butter production

Benefits to the community
  • women are empowered to create a better future for their families through training schemes and employment opportunities
  • training is broad and includes topics, such as, health and safety at work and disease control
  • knowledge of other government or charitable schemes for generating income is shared
  • children receive the help they need to protect them from disease
  • communities have better facilities, e.g. libraries, schools, clinics, sanitary conveniences, etc.
  • expert local knowledge is sought to make best use of available resources in the community, and
  • respite care is available for the elderly or infirm so that a good quality of life is possible for all.




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